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Fat blasting & lean muscle building exercise routines that are easy to follow and tailored for any level.

✔️ Get step by step workouts through your own coaching app tailored towards your abilities and goals.

✔️ Fun workouts that don't include hours of cardio or things you can't do.

✔️ Master certain exercises with your coach to stay fit forever!


Forget fad diets. We've got you covered with simple, easy to follow meals with recipes and plans.

✔️ Learn nutrition basics so you can take control of your cravings & food.

✔️ Meals planned for you, recipes given, tailored to any dietary needs.

✔️ Don't give up foods you love. Learn how to make 'healthy' a lifestyle!


You could have the best plan in the world, but it doesn't matter if you don't stay motivated. We've got you!

✔️ Unlimited round-the-clock, 24/7 support from an expert coach.

✔️ Weekly checkins, calls and contact with your very own coach.

✔️ Private High Performance Community and WhatsApp Support


➕ Improve mental health & help reduce anxiety or depression

➕ Eliminate work related stress and manage stress better

➕ Improve energy & focus in your work-life

➕ Experts in Psychology, Nutrition and Lifestyle

➕ Specialist Movement Coaches

➕ Improve your cardiovascular & general health

➕ Enjoy a better relationship with yourself and feel more confident 

➕ Improve movement & functionality for increased daily mobility

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Results from People Just Like You

The location of the gym is what made me try it out, the sense of community is what is making me stay. They have events like “tie dye your own shirt” all the time. I’m new(ish) to the gym; the members had an open arm to me, and I felt like I belonged there quickly. The owner is a good person and just wants what’s best for everyone.

~ Grazie Lima

Monroe is one of the most caring owners I have encountered. He is caring, knowledgeable, and has a huge pool of resources to make even the most average athlete (like myself) successful. The members I've encountered in the past 3 weeks are super accepting with a positive attitude that helps motivates each other. Crossfit can be intimidating and sometimes you struggle with certain movements but there are always options to scale and be encouraged and never talked down to. I have been to a gym before where I was belittled and told I was never going to be good enough----and here is the place to go even if you are starting out. I am glad I have been adopted into their family. I can not say enough good things. Wear what you want or not want, and you will never be judged here. just walking in the door is the hardest part ~ Maxwell Fisher

Best place I have been to and best decision I made to join verity. Awesome place to workout 🏋️‍♀️ Friendly coaches and people. Try it once and you won’t leave it ❤️~ Sree Kavya

They say it's the best hour of your day and they mean it. The coaches motivate and instruct, and the fellow cross fitters are as friendly as can be! ~ Kit Ciesemier McKeon

Amazing gym with amazing coaches and community! You'll feel very welcome here. ~ Hilary David

If you’re looking for a new gym, this one is it. The coaching, classes, all around support and community feel make this place awesome. They WODs are amazing and always have variety throughout the week. The coaches are passionate, helpful, thorough with form and so encouraging. There’s always enough space and equipment, and they even have their own app to see WODs ahead of time and sign up for classes. It’s a strong family atmosphere, they organize fun events and they even do a beer mile. What more can you ask for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice, someone who competes or just someone looking to change their life style, this is the place to do it. ~ Tiresa Ainsley Dawe

Best gym I’ve ever been to. Origins was super helpful and they genuinely want you to succeed no matter what level you are and work with you diligently. Monroe and Lauren are the two coaches I worked with and they’re awesome! Very knowledgeable and very encouraging.~ Molly Mobley

Verity Speed & Strength is an amazing gym. All the coaches build you up with positive, yet corrective, reinforcement and really take an interest in your personal goals. There is such a great sense of community because everyone is so kind. They even host great family-friendly events. I highly recommend trying a class here! You won't regret it! ~ Ashlina Chin

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